PopTart Kind of Afternoon

This morning I came to the realization that I only have a few more delicious days of Spring break left.

To stave off the sads about returning to school I stayed in bed for a while to make some headway on The Unincorporated Man by Dani and Eytan Kollin.  I love scifi books, especially post-apocalyptic with zombies involved, this book isn’t that, but is still great! I don’t wanna spill too much, but it really makes you look differently at how our society is structured.

This bit of reading was quickly followed by some stress about school, so I pretended to do some bioinformatics work for a hot second, and quickly got distracted by Chocolate Covered Katie recipes.  Perfect way to get away from work!

That’s how these moderately disastrous (not that disastrous) strawberry Pop Tarts happened.



So, They look worse than they were.  You’ll see in a second that I was very excited to document my baking process.

I typically bake simple foods.  I tend to shy away from most any recipe that requires chilling, or resting, cold ingredients, or is fussy in any way possible.  I’m trying to be more adventurous and am always trying to expand my cooking repertoire.

But! I was not discouraged from this experience (can you tell that I’m proud?).  I’m happy to learn from what I did, and figure out how I can make some delicious, tasty pop-tarts again soon.

And just because these pop-tarts look heck of crazy, that didn’t stop me from burning my mouth on piping hot strawberry filling after immediately scarfing down 5 tarts straight from the oven.


Off to a good start


Freshly chopped strawberries and strawberry icing

To make the icing I popped a strawberry in the microwave for 30 seconds and mixed it with some powdered Xylitol (I just blended up some Xylitol with cornstarch as per CCK’s recommendations).


Notes on Xylitol: I’m a fan of cutting down on, or even eliminating sugar, so I’ve started exploring using Xylitol in cooking.  So far everything has tasted great, and not like chemicals like some other sugar replacers can taste.  Xylitol is marketed as being an all natural sweetener, but it’s not really.  It’s no ground stevia leaf.  Xylitol is naturally found in fruit and fibrous plants, but is isolated by means of an industrialized process.


Don’t be afraid of the lab!  There’s this assumption rampant in the healthy foods crowd  that if something doesn’t come straight from the ground, and isn’t exactly how it was 5,000 years ago (news flash: none of what we eat is), that it’s inherently unhealthy.


This isn’t true, and this philosophy can oftentimes be anti-science.  Now don’t even get me started on GMOs, that’s another talk for another time. My eyes will literally roll out of my head.


Anyhow, xylitol has 33% fewer calories than sugar, it tastes great, so I’ll take it!


Pre-baking, still lookin good!


I was having a lot of trouble with the dough and was quickly reminded of why I usually stick to cupcakes and bread, instead of pastries.

It was so crumbly! I love spelt flour but I think that it might be a bit tricky.

I brushed up these bad boys with some of my special strawberry icing and popped them in the oven.





Then, this happened.

photo 4-1


Well, despite looking like some terrible wound one might have after being burned by acid, this pop-tart was tasty as all heck.

There is hope!


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