I’m Baaaaack!



So after a month or so long hiatus, I’m back to blogging!  After spring break I got inundated with projects, exams, interviews-the rigamarole.  But hey! Girlfriend got straight A’s and landed herself a summer job! That’s what’s up 😉

So, to step away from the bragging, I’ve been spending most of my summer thus far cooking, forcing my mom to walk the dogs with me, and shopping for office clothes because as of now, 90% of all my clothes are skin tight and meant to be worn either during yoga or while running.  For a person who has to be in just the right mood for shopping, finding business casual, plus one business formal outfit for a full time job has been somewhat of a challenge.  Oh ya, did I mention that I’m the cheapest person on the planet?  Even Forever 21 prices shock me- $17.99 for a poorly made polyester shirt?!?!! I can do without.

To break from all that shopping stress, I’ve been upping my running inspiration and reading all about famous athletes.  Namely, I’ve just finished Kara Goucher’s Running for Women book, and it’s gotten me sooo excited about running!  If you’re want to get started running,  train smart for an upcoming race, pick up cross-training/nutrition tips, or even just want to get super stoked about running, you should check this book out. 


Being amped on running, I felt more ~on fire~ during this mornings run….Even though my pacing was pretty much on par with what I always run.  At least I had negative splits! Can’t say my pace was even though 😉

Here’s what the Garmin had to say:

Image(can you spot James’feet in this one?)Image


I’ve been getting more into the habit of fully stretching after my runs, and have been feeling a lot less sore after doing any speed work or long runs.  It only takes about 5 minutes, and I just do the standing stretches from Runners world.


And because I want to get stronger, and never do any sort of weights or upper-body strength training, I also did the short 5K workout also by runners world.  This workout called for pushups, and I was able to complete approximately 3 of them.  Do I get a medal now?



post working-out, pre-pancakes

Lastly on the subject of running, I’m really curious about trying the running clothes by Janji.  This company uses a portion of their profits to help support organizations working to end global food and water crises.  What’s cool is that each shirt/short is named after a country, and they tell you how the purchase of that item will help support that country.  

It’s easy to feel guilty when buying athletic clothing, because pretty much every single brand manufactures their product in struggling countries, possibly (probably) in sweatshops too.  So, I think it’s cool that this company is interested in putting their product towards something good.  Plus, how can you not want to support these people-they look so nice!

Imagep.s. I think that the founders are only like 24 or something, WOA!


Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone! If you can, hug a veteran or a current serviceman/woman 🙂



5 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaack!

  1. I loooooved reading this, and had no idea you had a blog! Consider me your new #1 fan. Miss and love you Kirby 🙂

  2. You have a BLOG! That’s awesome! I’ve been doing the track workouts in Santa Monica with the LA Running Club, and I set a personal PR in the 10k last month (49:38). And congrats on the grades and summer job! — Duane

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