Goodbye computer

So to all 1 people who read this blog that are not my mom (aka. My sweetheart who I added to the subscription list without him asking me to), my computer bit the dust and it took me a good 15 minutes to find the ‘add new post’ button on the WordPress iPhone website.

So! Probably won’t be a post for a bit until I accumulate some cashola for a new comp. but quick update I’ve been in Phadelphia, a city which I can’t help but always refer to as ‘Philly’ even though I’m. Nothing close to a local. The hotel had a bomb-diggity gym that I frequented during my stay. I occasionally enjoy treadmill running because I feel that i can run way faster since it pulls your legs forward a bit and does some of the work.

I would post some photos of me running or something but I’m afraid I might lose this post if I try to so anything too fancy.

More updates soon when I can hog my sweethearts slick massive screened Mac.


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