Running Rules

Well, James took a short break from looking at motorcycles and I finally got a chance to make a post!  My computer is still dunzo (Laguna Beach throwback anyone??), so I’m stuck waiting for those few moments when I can snag J’s comp.

As usual, I’m still completely stoked about running.  Feeling particularly inspired following my 11 miler yesterday I decided to record a few tips for running.

You can practically smell the endorphins from here. oh wait...maybe that's just what you smell like after an 11 mi run...

You can practically smell the endorphins from here.
oh wait…maybe that’s just what you smell like after an 11 mi run…

These “Running Rules” are just a few reminders for beginners and seasoned runners to be polite and have the most fun possible.  This is by all means not an exhaustive list, just a few things I thought up while on the road yesterday.
Also, I like the play on words because running totally does rule 🙂

1. don’t judge

First off, don’t judge yourself!  Don’t judge your progress, don’t judge your appearance.  Try your best to relax.  Trust me, 99% of people aren’t paying attention to how heavily you’re breathing, or if your thighs are chafing.  When it comes down to it, we all look pretty silly sometimes when running.

Don’t judge others!  If someone feels like prancing instead of running (google: prancercise), more power to them!  If nature calls and you see someone meeting a friendly tree-DON’T JUDGE.  If you haven’t already been in that position, you will-trust.

1.5 don’t compare

Along with the don’t judge rule, you should also refrain from comparing yourself to others.  This isn’t productive and just makes you feel bad.  Everyone progresses at their own pace, so keep your eyes on your own Garmin.  

2. try not to race…unless you’re actually in a race

Everyone’s been there, you’re trying to pass someone on the road and they keep speeding up every time you get close because of pride.  JUST LET ME PASS.  Racing, or trying to prevent someone from running faster than you just creates this limbo where you end up running alongside a stranger.  I don’t know you, and no offense, but I want to be alone.  This also happens in running groups where someone will run up extra close to you or tries to elbow their way past.  That stuff flies in an actual race, but during recreational or training runs, such behaviour is just rude.  It takes both you and the other person out of the moment, so try something new and if someone is moving up to pass you, just give em’ a thumbs up! This is much more relaxing 🙂

3. two by two

Speaking of running groups-RUN TWO BY TWO, PEOPLE!!! I’ve been in running groups so I know how it goes, you want to chat with everyone, but running 4X4 is so dangerous.  Just this weekend I was running up a windy road and a massive running group was running at least five people wide!  In order to get past I had to either run in the street or on peoples yards-not cool.  You’re a lot less likely to get hit by a car/piss off cyclists/get a ticket/annoy other runners if you run only two people wide.  Also, this way you can get to know your running buddy extra well without having to yell over people.


On the topic of running groups and taking up too much space, it’s really important that when running with any group (even just one other person) that you make room for passing runners.  So often I nearly get trampled by running groups running in the opposite direction of me.  This isn’t very courteous of other runners and is also kind of dangerous.  Once I nearly got edged off the cliff of a trail, no joke!!!

Don't let this happen to you

4. smile and wave

I try to make contact with, smile and wave at every person that I see on a run.  I am convinced that this will help keep me from getting kidnapped because that person knows that I’m aware of their existence and that I’m confident (and can quickly run away).  

Greeting other runners/walkers is also just a great part of the camaraderie of being a runner.  We’re all out super early and gettin our sweat on-let’s celebrate that! 

Also, try to smile and wave at any car that you pass or make eye contact with.  Cars are already pretty much out to get us as pedestrians.  Let’s at least come off as friendly and polite, so that hopefully they will follow suit.  If you make eye contact or wave at a car, they’re more likely to see you and less likely to hit you.  

You might make someone smile and are less likely to get hit by a car; definitely a win-win situation.

5.  get the gear

This is especially important if you’re a new runner.  Proper running gear (I’m talking sports bra, socks, shoes) makes a HUGE difference in your running experience.  I wasn’t able to run for more than 1 mile until I got properly fitted for good running shoes.  Try going to your nearest running store for a fitting.  Here, you can also get some good socks and a sports bra.  The less you have to fuss about on a run, the better.  Try and make your life easier and get some good comfortable gear.  

I understand that this stuff can get kind of expensive, so I recommend hitting up amazon, the sale rack at your local running store, or even target!  Just a little bit of extra time sleuthing the internet can save you some serious cash.  I’m cheap as all heck, so trust me on this one.

6. skip the headphones

I too, love jammin out on a run to Rhianna.  However, running with headphones can be awfully dangerous anywhere but the treadmill.  Music can definitely pump up your run, but it also prevents you from hearing approaching cars, passing runners, dogs, or even potential kidnappers.  Not to get creepy, but whenever you hear of a kidnapped runner, they were always wearing headphones! Don’t let it happen to you!…But cars are probably a bigger risk 🙂

7. keep it short

I’m not talking about the duration of your runs, I’m referring to your long, drawn out description of your run.

I get it, you’re excited about running, but please try and keep from boring everyone you know with a full on detailed run recap.  I’m especially guilty of this; yammering on to my family/significant other about every single mile of my run.  

When push comes to shove, no one cares.  People generally think that running is neat, but most of the time they aren’t really that interested or invested.  Save both their time and yours-keep all running recaps short.  

(Disclaimer: I realize this is hypocritical considering that this is a running blog and all I do is blather on about running.  But you’re reading it, so who cares!)

8. treat yo’self

You just ran! That’s amazing! Indulge a little bit! 

Really though, one of the best aspects about running is how much that you can eat afterwards-this especially applies to marathon training.  You just worked really hard, you just did your body good, treat yo’self. 

Just don’t go too crazy.  I gained 10 pounds while training for my first marathon because I thought that 2 donuts, 2 cartons of yogurt, a bagel with peanut butter, and a microwave meal was just “refueling”…it’s not.

You burn about 80-100 calories for each mile you run, treat accordingly.  Massages also make a good indulgence without having to worry about the “train gain”.

Perfect post-run refueling

9. just walk

We all do it, don’t kill yourself and ruin a run just because you’re too embarrassed to walk.  Walking does not ruin your running cred, it doesn’t make you look un-fit.  Sometimes you just need a quick walking break!

Oftentimes I finish a run much faster and much happier when I take a couple short walking breaks.  Heck! Runners World even published an article about a marathon-run/walker who finishes in under 3:20 which is pretty incredible, and super fast.

So just go for it.  Doesn’t matter if you run for 50 miles or just 1 minute, you’re still a runner and you’re still amazing.

Plus! Walking still makes you 100x more active than most people in the country just sitting on their butts at the computer (like I’m doing right now).

10. have fun

duh!  Running is so much fun and is so good for the body.  Try to enjoy every run and to have fun even on the most grueling days.  If you feel like crap try listing all the things that you’re grateful for: your legs, your lungs, your initiative to get up and be active, your feet, your significant other, your parents, the cars for not running you over. Literally counting your blessings can help really turn a run around and take the mind off.

When it all comes down to it, you’re running-doesn’t get much better than that.


3 thoughts on “Running Rules

  1. Loved this list! Quite a few of the rules apply to working out in general (e.g. stop judging, don’t compare, treat your self, have fun), and I totally agree with them ❤ ❤

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